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Mystery Shops Done By Seniors Housing Experts

Bild Business Research Business Research can customize telephone and on-site shops to your goals and objectives. We send our independent shoppers to pose as potential customers of your business or to your competition. Our experienced shoppers evaluate your sales force's performance, comparing them to the industries best standards and practices. We believe that - Where performance is measured, it can be improved. Where performance is improved, success can be achieved.

With a decade of experience in seniors housing sales coaching and marketing services, we know that mystery shopping is instrumental in helping companies set and maintain high standards in customer service, marketing awareness, branding, the use of specific sales processes, follow up, and competitive insight.

Knowing and understanding how your employees interact with your customers can be one of the best things you ever do for your company. Let's be honest, you don't always know how your employees perform or how accurately they follow standards and protocol. Mystery Shopping provides the answer's you need. A mystery shop by a third party provides an accurate picture and evaluation of your team and often times will provide a much more objective opinion of performance.

Let us help you design and execute a customized mystery shopping campaign to measure performance and ultimately achieve success.

Click on the audios below to listen to some samples of our Mystery Shops

Sample Shop 1

Sample Shop 2

Sample Shop 3

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Mystery Shopping and Performance Assessment

Our Mystery Shop program will:

  • Present astute perspectives into your customers' experiences
  • Measure your team's ability in providing a memorable customer experience
  • Evaluate your community's performance in following best practices
  • Align focus on core behaviors that result in customer satisfaction and loyalty, while improving sales and profitability
  • Provide the critical training that is needed to improve sales skills that affect revenue by generating higher closing ratios which leads to more traffic, more deposits and more move ins.

Telephone Mystery Shops

These shops provide the perfect tool to evaluate sales and customer service standards. This option is a very cost effective way to gain valuable insight to your company's interaction with customers.

  • All shops are available online and include a written evaluation along with the audio portion of the shop.
  • A training tip sheet will be included with each shop. This tip sheet identifies specific sales tips the sales person evaluated should use to increase their score on future shops.

On-Site Mystery Shops

These shops are conducted by our professionally trained shoppers. All of our On-Site Shops can be scheduled to fit your needs and are available anywhere you need for us to be.
  • Shops include an extensive written evaluation that include photos
  • Travel expenses are an additional cost should you want the same shopper to complete all your shops (we normally use local shoppers so there is no travel expense)

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Our management company operates twelve assisted living facilities containing nearly 800 units. All our campuses are mostly new within the past 10 years with many in rural, yet competitive markets. We were 80% occupied for the 600 units then under management when we started with Dynamic Performance in 2007. In the past year, we have expanded about 200 units and during that time, our average occupancy has increased to nearly 95%...
-Dean Bloemke, President
Welcome Home Management, Inc.